REISER Simulation and Training has reached a new milestone by being the first to obtain Level D qualification for the Airbus H145 Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) in the D3 version, according to the company. 

The D3 version introduces significant enhancements, featuring a 5-bladed main rotor subsystem and the HELIONIX Avionics Suite Version 8.0. Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority qualified the new REISER H145 D3 FFS at Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter, NCCH A.S. in Stavanger, Norway.

To bring these improvements to life, REISER Simulation and Training conducted a comprehensive new flight data campaign, which involved gathering data directly from the real helicopter. The collected data serves as the foundation for the new flight model. As a result, the company believes the new Level D FFS is 100 percent true to the real Airbus H145 D3 aircraft. 

"We are delighted to provide the aviation community with a simulator that truly reflects the capabilities and advancements of the Airbus H145 D3, ultimately enhancing the safety and proficiency of helicopter pilots and crewmembers worldwide," said Dr. Michael Mayrhofer, CEO at NCCH.

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