There will be a lot of talk about the importance of diversity this International Women's Day, lots of likes and shares on social media but what changes will actually come about in the workplace today and in the future?

At Halldale, we are determined to actually make change, help remove barriers and provide tools and guidance to support this. We have signed up for IATA's 25 by 25 initiative, which advocates for greater gender diversity in the aviation industry. To achieve this, lots of changes need to happen, voices need to be heard and men and women must work together to ensure we can achieve these goals.

That is why we set up the Women in Aviation Training (WiAT) Forum to build a community of likeminded individuals determined to do better. A few weeks ago, WiAT forum webinars were able to join an informative webinar looking at industry culture and asking, why don't more women work in Aviation?

The session was hosted by Julie Brophy and Charlotte Eastwood from GateOne Consultancy, who led a thought-provoking exploration of cultural issues within the aviation industry.

Julie and Charlotte used real world experiences to highlight the issues and provide the practical fixes that would result in a more happy, holistic and profitable aviation organisation.

Wiat Gate Consultancy forum dataSlides courtesy of Gate One Consultancy

Given the Forum is a closed, ad free networking space for members, the discussions that took place in the webinar will remain private. However, Julie and Charlotte kindly agreed to share their slides with forum members.

However, one interesting discussion point from Julie and Charlotte's discussion that we can share was focussed on empathy, and how non technical skills, the soft skills are perceived as less important than the technical skills - but what if the primary requirement for trainers was empathy and compassion? Would we see a more rapid change in demographic?

Wiat Gate Consultancy Webinar Diversity numbersSlide courtesy of Gate One Consultancy

As International Women's Day prompts conversations worldwide, Halldale is proud to champion initiatives that transcend rhetoric, striving for a workplace where diversity isn't just celebrated but woven into the fabric of our industry's future.

Join us in this journey, where meaningful change is not just spoken but lived.