InfoWERK is now offering a basic knowledge training on Helicopter Theory of Flight and Aerodynamics as well as Helicopter Construction and Systems. The basic maintenance course contains two integrated modules and, once completed, provides a basic understanding of helicopter systems and operation.

In Module 1, helicopter mechanics delve into aerodynamics, acquainting themselves with essential terminology and exploring the peculiarities of air flow around rotating wings. The module also addresses the influence of gyroscopic forces, encompassing the theory of flight and its application to different flight phases, including drift, the coriolis effect, autorotation, and ground effect. The module is reinforced with a multiple-choice questionnaire.

In Module 2, the focus shifts to helicopter construction and systems, covering fuselage construction methods, main and tail rotor components, fuel storage, hydraulic systems for flight control load reduction, and rotor blade tracking. Also this module concludes with a comprehensive multiple-choice questionnaire, ensuring participants acquire a holistic understanding of basic helicopter principles and operations.

Each module contains a knowledge check at the end and with a course duration of approximately 5 hours, the course can be completed within a day.

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