In line with the global commitment to achieve gender balance, BHP reached 40.4% female presence in Chile, including its Escondida, Spence and Cerro Colorado copper operations. With this result, the company more than doubles the national industry average.

In 2016, the company made a public commitment to achieve gender balance by 2025, setting an industry milestone. At the time, BHP had only 17.5% female presence globally.

“Gender parity was a goal that many believed impossible. Today, as BHP Americas, we can proudly confirm that we have achieved 40% female representation, one year ahead of schedule. We are aware that this journey does not end here. Although gender balance is important, it is vital that we focus on creating an inclusive culture, in which everyone can contribute with their full potential," said Rag Udd, President BHP Americas.

The result achieved by BHP is also reflected in leadership roles, with 40.81% of leadership positions in Chile held by women.

In Escondida alone, the mine that produces the most copper in the world, 1,509 women work today out of a total of 3,935 direct workers.

Achieving more than 40% female representation is no coincidence: to achieve this, BHP has implemented disruptive policies in the industry, such as making progress in addressing gender pay gaps, incorporating labor flexibility, strengthening training and talent retention programs, and building infrastructure in operations adapted to the needs of women, among others.

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