Airways Aviation Group (AAG) and International Institute of Aviation (IIA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that lays the groundwork for a new education alliance aimed at delivering a series of courses and seminars across India. Designed to address the expanding needs of the industry, offerings will commence with Indian DGCA CPL Theory along with the Airways Aviation Foundation classes at the IIA Pune Academy from 1 April.

Courses will be delivered as part of the Airline Pilot Pathway Program developed by Airways Aviation, providing an opportunity for aspiring aviators interested in beginning their studies close to home.

Indian students will benefit from a tailored curriculum developed and delivered by industry professionals, offering an introduction to both the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation. Students will be guided through those initial critical steps and will acquire the knowledge needed to progress to the practical full-flight training phase, initially in Australia or Europe. There are also plans to establish practical flight training facilities in India.

Both parties are committed to ensuring the success and impact of this initiative, with the goal to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for a thriving aviation career.

The recently signed MOU sets forth a framework that outlines the responsibilities of both parties which include the provision of necessary infrastructure, classrooms and facilities along with qualified instructors and study materials etc. Each will leverage their respective and joint market and industry presence to run campaigns to attract and inform prospective students from across India.

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