AeroGuard Flight Training Center has formed a new partnership with Taiwan-based China Airlines, marking a pivitol milestone for AeroGuard as it expands its training on a global scale.

Throughout this 11-month program approved by the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA), cadets will apply directly through China Airlines and be screened by the airline before arriving at AeroGuard. Selected cadets will join AeroGuard’s Phoenix, Arizona, location.

AeroGuard was selected by China Airlines to train their cadet pilots due to its structured curriculum and ab initio training programs. China Airlines is one of Taiwan’s largest national airlines, and within this partnership AeroGuard will provide a pipeline of highly skilled pilots for the airline.

AeroGuard also recently announced its selection by Air India to train their cadet pilots as part of a new similar agreement for the Indian flag carrier.

This partnership comes at a time of strategic expansion for AeroGuard as its training capacity. AeroGuard currently operates a fleet of 100 aircraft and over 200+ instructors and expects to more than double its fleet size with a recent order of 90 additional planes from Piper Aircraft, in addition to further acquisitions. Through its U.S. Program, 600+ students are also expected to become instructors to build their 1,500 hours to fly for the U.S. airlines. From this growth, AeroGuard expects to double its capacity to train up to 2,000 students across its three campuses.

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