VRAI is working alongside BAE Systems to use the power of extended reality and artificial intelligence to enhance the training of fast jet pilots.

BAE Systems will integrate VRAI's HEAT data capture technology, which captures, analyses and visualises simulator data, into a deployable simulator for a Hawk aircraft.

They will monitor fast jet pilots in the virtual reality simulator and measure comparable behaviour data drawn from live flying sorties to help determine an individual’s optimum balance between live and synthetic training.

The project is funded through the Ministry of Defence's (MoD) Defence Technology Exploitation Programme (DTEP), which works to foster collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises suppliers with defence companies.

Lucy Walton, Head of Training at BAE Systems Air, said: "Technologies like extended reality and artificial intelligence are redrawing the way we train, and this work can help us to support our customers to get the right balance between live and synthetic training to meet their needs.

"By comparing data from live Hawk sorties with the same data taken from a simulator, we can accurately explore objective data to inform which type of training benefits them the most, enabling us to tailor training which delivers even more highly-skilled pilots quicker."

Niall Campion, VRAI Managing Director for Customer and Product, said: “At VRAI we believe data is the untapped resource in simulation and by integrating HEAT into a deployable Hawk simulator we can provide instructors with data to track and monitor student performance.

"By designing the simulator to capture data from the outset, BAE Systems and its customers will be able to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create bespoke, adaptive learning journeys."

DTEP is sponsored by the MoD's Directorate of Industrial Strategy and Exports (DISE) and delivered through the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), Innovate UK, and UK defence and aerospace representative body, ADS.

Anita Friend, Head of DASA, said: “VRAI is delivering exciting new innovations to the UK defence supply chain in crucial areas such as AI and training simulation, helping the MOD continuously enhance its capabilities while also fostering its business growth. DASA is delighted to see the emergence of VRAI's partnership with BAE as a direct outcome of DASA's DTEP program. This program enables larger partner companies to gain early access to innovative technologies, materials, or processes from SMEs and to build resilience in their supply chains, whist also assisting their partner in commercialising.”

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