The NATO M&S COE hosted the 22nd Steering Committee meeting from 10-11 April 2024 in the Adriano De Cicco barracks in Cecchignola, Rome. The meeting brought together the national representatives from the NATO M&S COE’s Sponsoring Nations – Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the United States.  

The NATO M&S Centre of Excellence is focused on NATO and providing support through conceptual research, capability development and M&S education & training.  The Steering Committee provides the direction and guidance to ensure the Centre is providing the best support with its available resources.

The meeting was an opportunity for the NATO M&S COE to review the progress the Centre is making on research and projects in 2024 and to discuss different aspects of the operation of the Centre.  The Centre is focused on Wargaming activities in support of NATO’s efforts as well as continuing projects on Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Operations, AI/ML and improving our M&S course curriculum.  The NATO M&S COE’s main effort is to support NATO’s Warfare Development Agenda and its subsequent Lines of Delivery.  As was discussed with the national representatives, one of the Centre’s newest projects is the development of a Cyber Wargame at the Strategic level.  Additionally, the Centre highlighted the capabilities that will be taken to NATO’s CWIX experimentation event in June to showcase our interoperability efforts.  

The next event will be the 19th NATO CA2X2 (Computer Assisted Analysis, Exercise, Experimentation) Forum, which will take place from 24-25-26 September 2024 in Rome, Italy.

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