NAV CANADA and CAE have signed a strategic agreement to increase training capacity for crucial air traffic services professionals. Under this partnership, a first-of-its-kind in Canada according to CAE, its instructors will deliver initial training for Flight Service Specialists and Air Traffic Controllers using NAV CANADA’s training curriculum and courseware. The first classes will begin in the fall of 2024 at a new purpose-built Air Traffic Services Training Centre on CAE’s campus in Montreal.

CAE will work hand-in-hand with NAV CANADA to develop a proficient workforce and ensure the safety and efficiency of the air traffic system. The partnership will provide additional training capacity as NAV CANADA continues to fully deliver existing training programs from its training units across the country.

“With this partnership, and through the overall modernization of our training programs, NAV CANADA will deliver long-term benefits to Canada by preparing for continued growth in demand for air travel, building resilience to respond to emerging customer needs and supporting the fluidity of the country’s supply chains while accelerating access to high-paying jobs that support the Canadian economy,” said Raymond G. Bohn, President and CEO, NAV Canada.

This partnership will generate new career opportunities at both companies. NAV CANADA is building a pipeline of air traffic services professionals by recruiting over 500 additional students by 2028 who will be trained by CAE. CAE is recruiting training centre staff to deliver training in line with Transport Canada’s requirements and CAE’s standards of training.

As NAV CANADA turns to CAE to supplement its training needs, its current Flight Information Regions (FIR) school delivery is ongoing and continues to offer all specialties and on-the-job training. All students who will qualify at CAE will be meeting the same curriculum, level of standards, and threshold testing as students trained at NAV CANADA.

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