TrainGraphics has introduced the latest iteration of its terrain generator, Trian3DBuilder 7.9.1. This release features performance improvements and reliability upgrades, aiming to deliver a more robust experience for users.

Some of the new features include expanded compatibility and enhanced functionality. Enhanced support has been developed for 3D Tiles v1.0 and v1.1, ensuring seamless integration with the latest industry standards.

Users can now preview their creations directly within the internal viewer for non-scenegraph formats like fbx, obj, 3ds, Collada, and more. This feature allows for testing of models before exporting.

There is also Improved compatibility with Presagis Creator, which streamlines workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration.

TrainGraphics has also introduced Mapillary support; now users can import data for additional traffic signals and points of interest (POIs) directly into Trian3DBuilder.

This release also includes fixed OpenFlight light point appearance for a more accurate representation of designs.

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