VirTra, a provider of judgmental use of force training simulators and firearms training simulators, received a $5.9 million order for prototypes to support the U.S. Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) program. VirTra will recognize revenue in three phases with reliability testing, soldier assessment, and final hardware deliveries, all scheduled in 2024.

The order includes bolt kits and magazines and high-pressure air fill stations for the IVAS program specifications with Microsoft as the prime contractor. In its role as the prime contractor, Microsoft will ensure cohesive project delivery, integrating VirTra’s training hardware with the objectives of the IVAS program. The recoil hardware has been engineered with a focus on intense environmental conditions, performance and reliability. To achieve uninterrupted and realistic recoil feedback, the fill stations utilize high-pressure air (HPA) technology reaching 3,000 psi. The hardware has been engineered for a realistic training experience for military personnel.

The U.S. Army’s requirements highlight the industry’s shift towards more advanced and immersive training experiences for servicemembers. VirTra believes its recoil hardware will provide enhanced training capabilities and readiness to support improved standards for military training and set the stage for future advancements in defense technology.

John Givens, CEO of VirTra, stated, “This additional prototype contract award, in support of the IVAS program, is a testament to the reliability and performance of our technology. This series of awards has implemented new features and tuned our design to meet the rigorous requirements of the program. Our enhanced production capabilities and investment in new technologies have solidified our contract execution by improving quality and capacity.”

Over the past two years, VirTra has expanded its production capacity and improved operating efficiencies, while refining its hardware designs. These advancements highlight the company’s readiness for mass production and commitment to fulfilling the U.S. Army’s expanding needs, according to VirTra. In support of this effort, Microsoft has scheduled on-location Soldier Assessments at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, in 2024.

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