AXIS Flight Simulation has unveiled its latest flight training solution, AX-D Flex, which the company believes is the first front-loading roll-on/roll-off solution, enabling pilots to train on multiple aircraft configurations within one mothership. 

AX-D Flex can be used for a variety of aircraft types, ranging from business jets to mid-size airliners. 

The company believes the solution provides new levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to training providers, with the mothership serving as the basic simulator structure, housing core motion and visual display components. The ‘swap unit’ comprises a cockpit module and spacer frame that includes computers and technical devices. Swap units can be seamlessly lifted and pulled out of the mothership using the front loading-system, allowing pilots to train in up to three different cockpits within a single device and enabling larger cockpits to be swapped with ease. 

AX-D Flex accurately replicates cockpits by using OEM-quality simulated aircraft parts. With software-based avionics simulation and commercial off-the-shelf components, it provides reliability and low maintenance costs throughout its lifecycle. Designed to reduce downtime and maximise efficiency, AX-D Flex allows training providers to minimise costs and provide a greater degree of flexibility to pilots. 

Christian Theuermann, member of the executive board, AXIS Flight Simulation, says: “Training providers are typically required to install specific simulators for different aircraft types. The launch of AX-D Flex will redefine the landscape of flight simulation, offering a cost-effective solution that allows pilots to train a variety of different aircraft types. With a smooth and efficient cockpit exchange, we’re setting a worldwide benchmark in training efficiency and flexibility.”

Helmut Haslberger, director of hardware development and production management, AXIS Flight Simulation, says: “Our hardware team has extensive experience in designing components that exceed industry standards. Through our precision control and electrical systems, we’ve designed a seamless lifting mechanism to allow smooth transitions between cockpits. Cutting-edge and backed by safety sensors and interlocks, AXIS Flight Simulation is setting a new standard in flight simulation training.”

To learn more about the AX-D Flex, visit AXIS Flight Simulation (booth #721) at the World Aviation Training Summit, which takes place 29 April-2 May at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. 

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