The purchase marks the first Avion flight simulator for the US market. 

The A320 Full Flight Simulator will be installed with CEO and NEO engine settings and the latest Airbus Standard 2.1. It is ready for the future, says Kenneth Haney, President and CEO of Sim-U-Tech: “I had the pleasure of flying the Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator at London Luton Airport. I was impressed by the technology and performance of the training device. The integration of technology, being able to get a lower carbon footprint, plus low operating costs made me choose Avion.”

Both companies are optimistic about the future, with options for multiple Avion training devices nationwide. Following today’s deal, Sim-U-Tech and Avion are also discussing modalities for sales and service representation for the US market.

“This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in Avion’s journey towards global expansion, and we are thrilled to announce our entry into the US market with this milestone contract,” Avion’s Group CEO Manoj Pandey.

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