Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has released the latest version of Mantle, enhancing its enterprise terrain pipeline with new capabilities. Mantle solves the complexities of dynamic terrain correlation for simulation users by centralizing the storage of 3D terrain and enabling simultaneous on-demand streaming.

This latest version is available for deployment on AWS and supports VBS, Unity, Unreal, and many other popular simulation runtimes.

“Mantle was developed to solve terrain problems in organizations where multiple simulation systems, game-based training tools, and web applications need to view the same high-fidelity, correlated 3D terrain,” said Pete Morrison, CPO at BISim. “Mantle is now cloud-enabled and ready to be deployed across entire enterprises.”

BISim say that a significant value proposition of Mantle lies in its ability to deliver terrain quickly and at scale, effectively acting as a force multiplier for terrain teams. It adds that Mantle offers considerable cost savings and productivity gains, reducing the requirement for highly specialized capabilities by allowing developers to direct-stream geo-referenced, high-fidelity, perfectly correlated terrains. Many runtimes are supported, including game engines such as VBS, Unreal, and Unity and web applications through standard protocols like WMS.

“Mantle represents another important solution developed through close collaboration with our customers to meet specific needs. BISim is excited to extend this innovative tool to a wider audience, including government and industry organizations,” said Rahul Thakkar, President at BISim.