Amentum Services, Inc. and its business partners, Valiant Global Defense Services Inc. and Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI), have submitted a proposal to GSA Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) for Warfighter-Training Readiness Solutions (W-TRS) in support of United States (U.S.) Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI).

Amentum, as prime contractor, is a training and range operations services provider with a presence at 18 ranges covering all domains.

Specifically describing the W-TRS effort, Jill Bruning, Amentum President, Engineering, Science, and Technology, said: “Working out of our new office in the Central Florida Research Park, it was truly a group effort from beginning to end to put together our solution. Amentum, Valiant, and CESI have worked together extensively in the past. There will not be an awkward period where we need to get to know each other during contract performance. We are fully integrated in a badge-less team we call Warfighter Global Solutions (WGS). The resulting synergies will enable us to continuously adapt our services as the training environment evolves to meet the challenges of the Army’s MDO Vision 2035.”

Training over 1 million soldiers annually, Valiant is a provider of operations and maintenance (O&M), Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS)-related services, training services, and logistics for the U.S. Department of Defense and its global partners.

CESI has been modernizing the interoperability of Army training systems since the award of the U.S. Army’s Live Virtual Constructive Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA) program in 2009. Matt Thompson, CESI President, said his company is excited to be Amentum’s engineering partner on this opportunity. “We are the prime contractor developing the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment Training Simulation Software and Training Management Tool (STE TSS/TMT), the driving software behind the U.S. Army’s training evolution. Those not involved in these efforts today for PEO STRI may not understand the significance of this technology. The STE is deliberately envisioned to incorporate the live, virtual, constructive, and gaming environments as one complete training capability.

“STE modernization efforts are critically linked to the Army’s Mission Command Network Strategy. This is significantly different from the training network approach of other services. Rather than being a closed training network, the STE will be an open architecture that capitalizes on other Army programs such as the Common Operating Environment, Operational Terrain Databases, and Army Enterprise Data Base cloud computing, thereby reducing investment and sustainment costs. The STE will have the ability to change with technology, tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

Amentum and the WGS team have already planned out the details for successful transition with no mission impact, as team members already support a significant amount of the work as subcontractors on the ATMP program. The team stands ready to implement our enterprise solution to meet the W-TRS requirements of PEO STRI, AAS, and Army Warfighters worldwide.

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