The FORC3 team, comprised of multiple Canadian land defence solution providers, continues to develop its solution for the upcoming Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) program. As FORC3 prepares for the final stage of the program, Calian Ltd. has joined the team.

Calian has 25 years of experience delivering simulation and training services for the Canadian Army and NATO. In addition to its military training expertise, Calian has experience providing customized multi-domain data interoperability and integration support to enhance both learning and operational decision-making. With products including the Virtual Command and Control Interface (VCCI)) Tool Suite, Calian can federate multiple simulation, C4ISR, and AI-enabled data analytics systems to support training and deliver comprehensive after-action reviews.

FORC3 includes Canadian defence, service, infrastructure, and simulation companies such as: Rheinmetall Canada (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), Lockheed Martin Canada (Ottawa), the ADGA Group (Ottawa), Bluedrop Training and Simulation (Halifax), EllisDon Construction and Building Services (London), REDspace Incorporated (Halifax), and now joined by Calian Ltd.

Collectively, the FORC3 partners currently operate more than 40 global training centres to Canada’s key allies, including NATO and the Five-Eyes Alliance.

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