HOLOGATE has been awarded the Swiss tender Operational Training - Simulation Virtual Reality. Swiss Police Technology and Information Technology (PTI), the central procurement agency for IT, telecommunications and police technology, has signed a five-year framework contract with HOLOGATE. Under this agreement, HOLOGATE under its HGXR division will provide the Swiss police force with multi-user extended reality (XR) training systems, with a maximum contract sum of EUR 25 million set as the imputed value.

The contract covers the provision of mobile and semi-stationary virtual reality systems for operational training. Mobile systems can be used in rooms that are designated for other purposes, such as sports halls or offices, while semi-stationary systems are designed for permanent training rooms. The flexible XR training solutions from HOLOGATE allow all Swiss police forces to benefit from the new training offer, regardless of spatial constraints.

The aim of the project is to provide Swiss police officers with a safe, flexible and sustainable extended reality solution for holistic operational training. HOLOGATE's multi-user XR solutions combine hardware with HGXR's HOLOFORCE Blue software and graphics. The company believes these systems provide flexibility, creating realistic and immersive training scenarios in interactive, true-to-life representations of topography and infrastructure.

The virtual training is tailored for all emergency personnel and is conducted at reconstructed operational sites in group formation. The usage of resources such as firearms, pepper spray and destabilization devices is incorporated and realistically simulated. The focus is on the correct behavior of each individual in the group and the tactical approach. The free-roam systems offer the trainees complete freedom of movement. With precise full-body tracking, the movements of the trainees are captured exactly, enabling natural and realistic interactions with the environment, objects and virtual and real people.

The scenario editor allows for the independent adaptation or creation of scenarios, enhancing the training's flexibility.  The systems capture each training session in 3D, anonymously recording comprehensive data and analyses. This enables movements and actions, such as direction of gaze and shooting, to be analyzed from various perspectives and tracked repeatedly until learning objectives are fully achieved.

A representative of the Swiss police commented: “With the new VR technology from HOLOGATE, we can prepare our forces realistically and safely for a wide range of scenarios. This will greatly enhance the quality of our training and effectively prepare our police officers for their missions.”

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