Women We Admire has recognized Denise Nicholson, Ph.D., as one of the Top 50 Women Chief Operating Officers for 2024. Nicholson was recently named COO of Accelint, which now wholly owns SoarTech as a subsidiary.

Nicholson is currently Soar Technology’s (SoarTech) chief operating officer, where she has executed her role as an executive leader for nearly five years. With 30 years of industry experience, Nicholson will also provide her technical expertise and business acumen as the new COO of Accelint.

Untitled design (1).pngAs SoarTech COO, Nicholson has fostered an innovative work environment and inspired her team of scientists and engineers in successful project execution, which prompted Women We Admire to recognize her as one of the Top 50 Women Leaders of Orlando earlier this year.

“Nicholson's multi-faceted background and strategic prowess position her as a key player in shaping the future of [artificial intelligence] technology for the military's toughest challenges,” according to the Women We Admire website. “Her unwavering commitment to excellence and ability to lead mission-critical initiatives set her apart as a dynamic leader in the field, making her a driving force behind SoarTech's success.”

Her leadership will continue to motivate industry success as the COO of Accelint, which recently acquired five industry leaders: SoarTech, Systems Innovation Engineering, Forward Slope, Highbury Defense Group and Hypergiant.

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