The Airline Pilot Club (APC) has launched its Evidence-Based Training (EBT) and Performance Evidence-Based Training (PEBT) Optimization Suite. Using the power of AI and expert insights, the aim of the suite is to change how airlines train and develop their pilots, ensuring high standards of safety and efficiency.

"Our industry is at a pivotal moment where traditional training methods must evolve to meet the dynamic demands of modern aviation," said Andy O’Shea, CEO of APC. "The EBT & PEBT Optimization Suite is designed to provide airlines with precise, data-driven insights and continuous improvement mechanisms, paving the way for more effective and efficient pilot training."

The EBT & PEBT Optimization Suite offers a comprehensive analytics and development platform that integrates advanced AI algorithms, aviation psychology, and industry-standard competencies to enhance training programs. Some of its key features include:

AI-powered analysis: Advanced algorithms analyze instructor and pilot performance, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Expert insight integration: Combines AI analysis with insights from seasoned aviation psychologists for a multidimensional perspective on training effectiveness.

Continuous improvement mechanism: Feedback loops and continuous monitoring ensure training programs evolve with industry standards.

Training customization recommendations: Provides actionable recommendations for addressing competency gaps and leveraging strengths.

For airlines and flight training organizations, the head of training remains integral to the process by approving the PEBT program. This program, while logically separate, can be seamlessly integrated using current tools and technologies, with AI ensuring compliance and efficiency.

APC's EBT & PEBT Optimization Suite promises significant benefits for airlines, including enhanced training effectiveness, improved operational safety, data-driven decision-making, cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, talent attraction, and adaptability to changing operational scenarios.

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