New Startup Aims to Bring Low Effort Interactions to XR Devices

26 May 2023

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Doublepoint Founders from left to right: Jamin Hu, Co-Founder, CTO; and Ohto Pentikäinen, Co-Founder, CEO.
Image credit: Doublepoint

Doublepoint Oy (Helsinki) is a new startup that has developed intuitive software enabling zero learning-curve gesture recognition into a range of hardware devices for Augmented Reality (AR), consumer electronics and more. Doublepoint aims to solve its partners' input problems by embedding the company’s touch-detecting algorithm into smart wristbands. The company also plans on providing custom hardware designs that are dedicated to- and optimized for- touch detection.

Doublepoint was created to bring low effort, tactile, zero learning-curve interactions to new computing platforms, such as eXtended Reality (XR) devices as well as other CE devices and solutions. Doublepoint does have a Touch SDK, which turns existing smartwatches into actual input devices.

Doublepoint currently supports the simplest and most universal gesture - the pinch. The company designed it to not need any effort for it to work in any hand orientation. This means there is no need for memorizing a large number of gestures, and users do not need to pay any attention to it.

Hand position and movement can be measured in many different ways, including wristbands, rings, RADAR, LIDAR, cameras and more. Doublepoint’s wristband measures the vibrations that occur and only occur when you touch something - far simpler and more robust than other, optically-based solutions, said the company.

Initially focused on gesture-enabling Google Android Wear OS-powered smartwatches as well as XR devices, Doublepoint uses physical muscle-monitoring to operate and does not require any computer vision sensors. Doublepoint started with the input problem of Android-based AR, since there is currently no discrete and/or tactile input method in production. However, Doublepoint also works together with companies in virtual reality, mixed reality , IoT, aviation, accessibility, and more.

As of April, 2023, the company has raised a total of €3 million Euros from a range of angel investors and established VCs from across Finland and Europe. Doublepoint investors include FOV Ventures, Superangel VC, Superhero Capital, Sune Alstrup, Timo Rein, Business Finland, and others. Doublepoint currently has a total of 11 employees situated in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.


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