Countdown to EATS 2023: Navigating Competency Decay:

18 October 2023

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Training For Aviation's Next Era

The 21st Europe Airline Training Symposium

8-9 November 2023 • Estoril Congress Centre, Cascais, Portugal


In the fast-evolving world of aviation training, the need for continuous learning and training is more critical than ever. The skies we navigate are becoming increasingly complex, and to ensure operational efficiency and safety, we must tackle the pressing issues head-on, those like competency decay.

Competency decay was identified as a key concern at our most recent Heads of Training Meeting in Asia at our APATS event. It is a multifaceted challenge, stemming from various factors. Technological advancements, changing regulations, reduced flying experience, and an ageing workforce all play a part in eroding the skills and knowledge that pilots and aviation professionals require to excel. Moreover, the human factor, including cognitive processes and decision-making abilities, is not immune to this phenomenon.

At the upcoming European Aviation Training Symposium (EATS) 2023, we're shining a spotlight on competency decay and its wide-ranging implications. Our aim is to equip the aviation community with the tools and insights needed to address this issue effectively. The stakes are high, with competency decay contributing to safety risks, operational inefficiency, and a decline in decision-making abilities.

EATS 2023 is not just another aviation event; it's a gathering of minds committed to propelling our industry forward. The symposium will explore a range of strategies and solutions to mitigate competency decay. From recurrent training and immersive simulation exercises to fostering a culture of continuous learning, we'll delve into the practices that make a real difference.

Crucially, regulatory involvement and industry-wide standards will be at the heart of our discussions. The symposium will be a platform for aviation professionals to engage with regulators, share best practices, and collectively drive the industry towards a safer, more efficient future.

Now, here's where you come in.

If you're passionate about shaping the future of aviation training, EATS 2023 is the place to be. We invite you to attend this crucial event and join the dialogue. Your insights, experiences, and ideas matter, and they can be instrumental in confronting competency decay.

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As we count down to EATS 2023, we look forward to welcoming you and your contributions. Together, we can chart a course for the aviation industry that is safer, more efficient, and more prepared than ever before.

Save the date, and be part of the journey. We'll see you at EATS 2023!


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