Halldale Joins IATA 25By25 Gender Pledge

20 November 2023

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Halldale Group has signed up for the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) 25By2025 initiative, which advocates for greater gender diversity in the aviation industry.

Halldale is proud to join many  airlines and aviation organisations who together form the commitment of the 25by2025 initiative and to be part of the change for diversity and inclusion.

As a global event producer and publisher,  Halldale hosts large scale events for the aviation training industry, welcoming over 2,700 delegates annually. Many of our delegation are pilots and instructors, and it is a now a better-known reality that female representation in these disciplines is only 6% and 1% respectively.  Furthermore, the speaker community within these events is also highly under-represented, and Halldale’s goal is restore the balance of a 25% increase against current metrics by 2025.

To further reinforce its commitment to 25by2025, Halldale launched a new  Women in Aviation Training initiative at the EATS 2023 conference and trade show in Portugal.  With further sessions planned for WATS 2024 and  APATS 2024, these live in-person sessions are complimented by an online community forum which provides practical solutions for the community, alongside discussion, collaboration, and support.

Sign up for Halldale's Women In Aviation Training Initiative

Halldale’s Marketing Director,  Penny McGrigor said: “We have all been aware for a long time that there is a substantial gender imbalance within our industry, with numerous factors influencing this complex and challenging issue. Our goal is bringing advocacy and support to this subject, working with women in our industry to identify the challenges, and to provide practical support to influence change. The enthusiasm already shown has been overwhelming, from both women and men, and we are excited to continue to work hard together, to achieve our 25by2025 goals.”

The team at Halldale Group is already represented by a 62% female workforce, with 50% of those holding senior positions.  As an equal opportunities employer, Halldale pledges to support those within airline, ATO/Ab Initio, Industry and more, to increase the number women in aviation training through the 25by2025 and WiAT initiatives, as well as collaborating with the wider network to identify pathways for progression.

The 25By2025 campaign is a voluntary commitment by IATA Members' airlines to advance gender diversity in the air industry. Organisations committed to the 25By2025 must report their key diversity metrics annually. It's a proactive measure that will contribute to achieving faster the industry goals.


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