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PLEXSYS released version 4.5 of its sonomarc and PLEXComm communications software that includes two new products, Operator Link and Chat Link, and a major upgrade to its Instructor Link product. Several modeling improvements were also made, increasing realism by adding Fresnel zones and Weather effects.

With text chat, PLEXSYS added a chat server to sonomarc that allows communicating between sonomarc users over text. Private messages, notifications, chat rooms, passwords, and more are supported. Chat Link is available as a standalone application, and integrated directly into the renovated Instructor Link interface.

With the Instructor Link interface upgrade, there is now a single location, the Canvas, to interface with all of your communications channels. The Canvas gives a common interface to all different item types such as Radios, Intercoms, Jammers, Public Address (PA), Party Lines, and Operator/Console monitor channels.

PLEXSYS’ other new communications product, Operator Link, uses software with the same interface that powers the renovated Instructor Link; but this is designed for operators. Operator Link provides a touchscreen-capable interface for operational use of radios, intercoms, console monitoring, and more.

Forthcoming features of the product will provide a training system for student-operators from various backgrounds (commercial aviation, military, and other industries). Operator Link paves the way for radio touch-panel integration as well as device-specific training and interfacing.

Updated models for Weather and Terrain

In this release, voice communications are now impacted by atmospheric conditions and weather. The maximum transmission distance is realistically altered based on atmospheric gases, clouds, fog, and rain. When there is a thunderstorm near the receiving radio, the result of lightning’s electromagnetic interference can be heard on the radio, based on the intensity of the thunderstorm. Weather data can be sourced via the industry-standard GRIB file format.

The propagation models were updated to be more accurate and provide more realistic audio properties. Sonomarc’s integrated terrain server now performs a high-fidelity Fresnel zone calculation for modeling line-of-sight between radios. With this upgrade, radios will now react more characteristically when there is a mountain or hill between them, and radios will fade gradually as the terrain is approached, improving training realism.

Transmission Analysis Tool

PLEXSYS says it created the first in-depth and easy to use end-to-end radio transmission analysis tool. This tool peers inside of the sonomarc radio models and tells the user what is happening. Internal sonomarc radios will give rich details, while external radios are limited to basic analysis, as their models are unknown. The tool will help users diagnose common issues immediately, without having to phone a friend.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

PLEXSYS expanded WAN support to every sonomarc product. Now remote sites can easily connect to a sonomarc server over a WAN connection. This expansion allows for simplified deployment to remote sites.

Mission Package (MP) 17

PLEXSYS says military customers will see improved training with the upgrade of Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) support to Mission Package MP-17.

PLEXSYS’ engineering team supports customers with innovative feature updates and improvements that enhance the user experience and streamline training.


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