Medical-X releases Advanced Modular Manikin

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Medical-X launched its latest high-fidelity Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM) adult patient simulator ADAM-X to support a variety of core medical competencies training.

The latest upgrades cover the following features including swelling of the face to simulate allergic reactions; different secretions of fluids such as tears, sweat, saliva and urine; different selectable options of urination, either urine only, urine with blood, or just blood; skin over muscles and bones, for realistic touch and feel, with articulate movements of the limbs; paradoxical respiration with corresponding breathing patterns; and the limbs are detachable allowing software-recognized simulation of different symptoms of trauma, such as amputation and other wounds.

The product is designed to provide doctors, nurses and all paramedical staff with a true learning experience. With a high level of realism and articulation, the high- fidelity manikin simulates different medical scenarios that can involve hospitals, army personnel, and first responders like firemen and policemen.


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