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1 September 2020

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AFWERX, the catalyst for fostering innovation within the U.S. Air Force, selected BeBop Sensors from over 1,500 submissions across the globe competing in the Base of the Future Challenge to present their proposal for deploying their Forte Data Glove for every airman.

BeBop Sensors is competing in the Culture of Innovation Challenge category alongside a diverse group of teams that represent entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions and research labs all vying to build the Base of the Future and modernize the U.S. Department of Defense with innovative technology.

The Culture of Innovation Challenge aims to strengthen and perpetuate a culture of innovation within the U.S. Air Force by improving workforce agility and breaking down barriers to change. Currently, the adoption of new technology is slow and presents a significant challenge for the Air Force, often frustrating airmen who are readily trying to drive change. The Challenge looks to create new ways to increase community engagement among airmen and develop education and training that supports enterprise-wide team development.

BeBop aims to provide airmen the technology for  lifetime learning that transcends the classroom to the flight line, hangar, cockpit, datacenter, and combat zone. BeBop’s vision is to enable airmen to use gestures with haptic feedback via BeBop’s Forte Data Gloves to accelerate and improve training and virtual collaboration while making it rugged and weatherproof to use in the field.

BeBop’s training design, delivery, and assessment leads to learning retention levels upwards to 90%, reduces injuries with telerobotic control of devices in hazardous conditions such as ordinance handling/control, and more.


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