Indra Creates Armored Vehicle Tactical Training Network

16 May 2023

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Image credit: Indra

Indra has begun the delivery of the new simulators of the Pizarro infantry combat vehicle (ICV/C) to the Spanish Army bases, where this armored vehicle is currently deployed, in order to complete the training of its operators. More specifically, Indra has delivered the first section simulator made up of four vehicle simulators to the base in Córdoba, and over the next month it will deliver those assigned to the bases in Zaragoza and Gerona, followed by those in Badajoz, Madrid, Ceuta and Melilla.

When all the simulators are connected, they will constitute one of the largest and most advanced joint armored vehicle tactical training networks in Europe and one of the most advanced simulation centers in the world, says Leonardo. There will be a total of 56 compartments connected to a simulation network that’s currently being planned, in which tactical and collaborative exercises will be conducted very close to the reality of battlefield missions.

Each of the four vehicle simulators that make up the section simulator consists of two compartments, one simulating the driving position, which sits on a three-degree-of-freedom motion platform to simulate terrain inclines and obstacles, and a turret compartment, where the vehicle commander and gunner are positioned. The latter enables the vehicle commander to exit through the hatch and train not only inside the vehicle, working through the episcopes, but also outside it, in which case the system automatically detects that the commander has climbed out and changes the configuration so that he/she can view the surrounding area.

The system simulates the two existing configurations of the Pizarro (Phase I and Phase II), an armored vehicle capable of moving rapidly on the front line of combat with a platoon of soldiers on board. It can also be networked with other simulators situated in different geographical locations, which allows joint exercises to be carried out, including ones with other simulation systems available on the Army’s training platform.

“The Pizarro vehicle simulator is designed to develop capabilities and skills in tactical and collaborative training; it allows the soldiers to quickly prepare for their missions, moving around in complex scenarios in which they have to coordinate with their team inside the vehicle and other vehicles in their platoon, and learn how to communicate and coordinate, where to move and how to react in the face of the enemy. It also capitalizes on the new technologies linked to virtual reality and gamification and maximizes the communication and interoperability capabilities of the systems,” explains Rafael Junco, Indra’s Simulation Director.

Indra’s immersive simulation system is integrated into the serious games virtual training platform used by the Army, software that capitalizes on all of the potential of games to provide training for soldiers in a virtual field of operations where they can interact with all kinds of troops, platforms, threats and scenarios. Thanks to these new technologies, the Army will also be able to prepare real operations and recreate its regular tactical maneuvers and exercises which, in some cases, mobilize thousands of soldiers and hundreds of vehicles, helicopters and drones.

The General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defence and the Army have also actively taken part in the development of the Pizarro simulator in all its phases, from the initial one, involving the analysis of the requirements, to the last testing ones and its final adjustments to integrate it into its training network.

Meanwhile, Simumak, a 100% Indra company, has harnessed its hardware development capabilities to manufacture the cabins, which are replicas of those in the real vehicle, respecting their measurements and replicating the most functional instrumentation for the crew members. Its participation has led to increased agility and flexibility and shorter development times.

Indra will display a Pizarro vehicle simulator at its stand at FEINDEF, the flagship forum for the Defence and Security sector in Spain to be held from May 17th - 19th in Madrid.


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