AI Collaboration Enhances E-Learning Development Efficiency

13 June 2024

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Pennant International Group Plc and Mission Decisions are collaborating to deliver a step change in productivity for their users. The collaboration will leverage the capabilities of both companies to deliver AI-driven technical publications and training solutions that significantly improve speed of development, training efficiency and effectiveness for e-learning content developers.

A joint team from both companies has been exploring the integration of some of the most advanced Open Source Large Language Models (LLMs) into Pennant’s Integrated Product Support (IPS) suite – Auxilium (comprised of GenS, Analyzer and R4i) - with the aim of reducing the time and resources required to develop high quality technical publications.

Making use of advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques, hosting LLMS within a secure cloud environment, the team aims to overcome the limitations with using commercially available LLMs. Data and IP would be protected, whilst not compromising on performance and accuracy when compared to content generation by humans.

In addition, a full audit trail can be provided, for comprehensive quality assurance and validation of information. All whilst reducing project timescales and making projects viable through reduced delivery costs.

Colin Hillier, CEO of Mission Decisions followed, “From the beginning, we recognised that some of our key government and defence users might get left behind in the GenAI revolution. For us the quickest way to get this technology to users on the front line, was to work closely with those companies already serving these users.”


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