3 July 2024

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Team Ravenswood has been selected to partner with MARCORSYSCOM, PM TRASYS on the prototype development of a Known Distance Automated Scoring (KDAS) solution. This TReX II Program of Record aims to deliver more efficient, effective Annual Rifle Qualification (ARQ) for stationary stages of fire. In addition to automating the rifle range infrastructure, our team will implement analytics to enhance the assessment of Marine shooting and performance.

Team Ravenswood is a collaboration of three complementary industry partners — Ravenswood, Oakwood Controls, and Cervus – working together to help the United States Marine Corps (USMC) improve its marksmanship training. According to Kipp Peppel, President and CEO of Ravenswood Solutions, “KDAS is an opportunity to leverage Team Ravenswood’s extensive range and training experience in support of USMC marksmanship. We are excited to partner with Oakwood and Cervus to enable Marines to achieve their full potential in Annual Rifle Qualification.”

“Our system will modernize rifle marksmanship qualifications as we know it and provide Marines with a more efficient and accurate process for annual rifle qualification,” says proud Marine Veteran Bill Cox, Ravenswood’s KDAS PM. “Through cost effective range modernization, we will ensure adaptability to future training concepts, we’ll provide more efficient and accurate scoring, improving marksmanship skills and enhancing the lethality of Marine shooters.”


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