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Sikorsky Announces Ab Initio Pilot Training with Bristow Group

Posted on Thursday 9th March 2017 | Airline

Sikorksy and Bristow Group are working to enter into a long-term agreement that establishes Bristow as Sikorsky's preferred supplier for ab initio pilot training for Sikorsky aircraft customers at Bristow Academy.

The intent of the agreement is to allow Sikorsky BlackHawk, S-70i, S-92, S-76 and Light Helicopter customers to complete a Sikorsky-certified training curriculum conducted by Bristow Academy's core of former military and commercial instructor pilots. Bristow's training programs offer Sikorsky customers a customizable, turn-key training solution that is developed around individual end user mission objectives. Training programs include Initial Entry Rotor Wing, High Altitude Training, Night Vision Goggle, initial and advanced training, and Commercial Pilot Training, for FAA and EASA requirements.

Following completion of the agreement, training courses are expected to begin later this year.


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Authored by Fiona Greenyer
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