L-3 Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link) will be adding a new ATR 72-600 full flight simulator (FFS) to the Asian Aviation Training Centre (AATC) in Bangkok, Thailand. The FFS, in addition to an ATR 72-600 flat panel trainer (FPT), will be ready for training before the end of the year. AATC is owned and operated by L-3 Link.

The FFS, which is based on L-3 Link's RealitySeven™ simulation architecture, will be equipped with RSI Visual Systems' XT4 image generator and projectiondesign's FL35 DLP LED projection system.

In addition, L-3 Link will be upgrading a currently installed ATR 42/72 FFS with a DiGITS™ instructor station. The instructor station upgrade to the ATR 42/72 FFS will reflect the same standard that will be used on the ATR 72-600 FFS, allowing instructors with mixed ATR 500/600 fleets to easily switch between each training device. This upgrade effort will be completed during the second quarter of 2014.