The University of Dayton's new visual display, which utilizes the GenesisRTX graphics of the Diamond Visionics Corporation, has now been installed on their MP521 simulator.

The new visual includes detailed graphics of Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and the visual scene in and around Dayton airport to ensure that the students can fly 'in their own territory'! Dayton purchased the new visual system in order to enhance undergraduate teaching of flight mechanics and dynamics through aircraft design, and to enhance the MP521 capability in respect of utilization by the University Research Institute.

Professor Aaron Altman, lead aero design academic at UD said "Dayton is the first US university to use the GenesisRTX graphics, which will enable the School of Engineering to keep pace with incoming student expectations for high-definition photo-realistic computer graphics. Providing a more realistic immersive environment allows the students to focus on learning the flight physics and design by hands-on flying."