Since 2008, Venyo has been working on a revolutionary FSTD prototype (B737NG) which was launched at its 'World Premiere' at the Paris Air Show in 2013. Being qualified as a "Game Changer" by the professional community not only confirmed by encouraged Venyo's intention to continue to invest and move from concept to manufacture.

Thanks to its tireless efforts and passion, Venyo is today offering an aircraft specific shell and flight deck, providing the form, fit, feel and function of a full flight simulator without the motion. Designed from day one to be certifiable as EASA FTD Level 2, the product is ideal for performing training tasks at a budget that would otherwise be done in a FFS.

Mr. Fabrice Cornet Venyo's CEO said: "We are extremely honoured that SIM Aviation Group has agreed to become our European launch partner. I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with SIM."

Mr. Ivan Bailly, SIM's managing director said: "By adding a B737NG FBS to our existing fleet of FFS's, we aim to deliver comprehensive B737NG training solutions and bring significant economic benefit to our customers. It will enforce SIM's market position and optimize our operations on our current B737NG full flight simulator."

The simulaor was installed in early June and is expected to ready for training by autumn.