EDM, a provider of training simulators to the civil aviation and defense sectors, is being featured in a new TV documentary series, “Mega Shippers”. The “Mega Shippers” episode featuring EDM – Ultimate Cruise Ship ­­– is scheduled to run in the United Kingdom on Quest TV (Virgin-172, Sky-144, Freeview-37) at 9pm on 16th August 2016. The show is also available for viewing on demand in the United States on the Science Channel through your TV provider.

“Mega Shippers” is filmed at some of the world’s leading factories and busiest ports – going behind the scenes on the extraordinary engineering and logistics in the high-pressure world of global shipping. Over 20 million containers are crossing the world’s seas at any given time carrying anything from toys to luxury sports cars and this 8-part documentary series gets exclusive access behind the scenes to companies and ports globally.

The program featuring EDM follows the journey of one of its Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET) from its factory in Newton Heath, east Manchester all the way to Ethiopian Airlines’ Aviation Academy in Addis Ababa. Separated and packaged into six modules, and then loaded onto three heavy goods vehicles, the Mega Shippers film crew follows the CEET as it is driven to the Port of Southampton and shipped by sea to Ethiopia for installation. The shipping logistics were handled by EDM’s shipping agent, All Seas Global, which is also featured in the show.