Ameriflight and UPS Airlines have come together to launch the UPS/Ameriflight Gateway Program, creating new opportunities for both companies' flight crew personnel.

The collaboration will offer outlined paths under which participants in UPS Airlines’ Intern Program can gain Part 135 flying experience at Ameriflight and accumulate the flight experience needed to proceed to UPS Airlines, a Part 121-certificated air carrier.

Under the program, UPS will actively mentor participating Ameriflight pilots. These pilots will be encouraged to participate in UPS functions and learn from UPS Airlines’ flight-qualified management team and Chief Pilots.

The agreement affords the opportunity for UPS interns to potentially qualify for employment with Ameriflight and UPS Airlines, respectively, upon completion of outlined experience and training requirements.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership with UPS and the opportunity it affords us,” commented Ameriflight’s COO, Bill Poerstel. “This agreement will allow us to turn UPS interns into Ameriflight pilots, ultimately helping to support UPS for years to come.”

“Promoting pilot careers is important for the long-term health of the aviation industry, and this program is a unique strategy to help ensure highly skilled pilot staffing into the future,” continued Captain Roger Quinn, UPS Airlines’ Director of Training.

The Gateway Program is open to individuals who have successfully completed UPS Airlines’ Intern Program and have been identified by UPS as eligible.