SimiGon has been awarded a prime contract with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to deliver its SIMbox simulation development tools and training in support of the FAA's advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Research Simulator.

The contract will see SimiGon's SIMbox simulation engine and development environment system become a major component in the FAA's Research Simulator, supporting a variety of UAS research topics including human factors research and safety research within the FAA's Aerospace Human Factors Research Division.

SIMbox will be the primary interface used by the FAA in the UAS simulation environment, as well as a central repository for all components with the product's embedded configuration management capability. The system development kit will be used to modify the simulation to meet respective research requirements.

This contract is a significant milestone in SimiGon's expansion into civilian vertical markets including civilian aviation and civilian UAS, and demonstrates the market's recognition of SIMbox as an effective research and development (R&D) toolset as well as an advanced training system platform. It also establishes the FAA as a SIMbox Certified Organization (SIMCO), providing the FAA with an internal SIMbox development capability.

SimiGon President and CEO, Ami Vizer, said, “The selection of SimiGon technology as an R&D platform by the FAA is extremely significant and points to our evolution in the training industry, from military aviation to civilian markets and civilian UAS. This underlines the strength of the SIMbox ecosystem that we have developed and its capability to support so many domains. We are excited to work directly with the FAA to support advanced UAS R&D for the US Government. This contract win in the UAS arena is significant as the FAA completed extensive due diligence in researching SIMbox as the baseline software for its advanced UAS Research Simulator. We expect this Agreement to generate further opportunities with the FAA and other Government and Civilian customers in the future.”

The initial contract order value is approximately US$100,000.