Virtual Aviation (VA) has launched its new ‘AirlineReady’ APS MCC course, the first of its kind to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK.

The APS MCC course structure was introduced by EASA to deliver enhanced MCC training to Airline Pilot Standards. It is intended to equip a pilot with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to commence initial type rating training to the standards generally required by a commercial air transport operator.

Captain Rob Bryce-Smith, Head of Multi Crew Training at Virtual Aviation, stated, “We are fully embracing the new APS MCC framework as we strongly believe that improving the calibre of pilots applying to airlines will benefit those individuals and the industry as a whole.”

In addition to multi-crew cooperation (MCC) training, APS MCC courses must also include ‘advanced swept-wing jet aeroplane training’ and ‘advanced airline operations scenario training’ followed by a final assessment.

Simulator training has been doubled from 20 hours to 40 hours with regular progress checks throughout. Only those students who achieve the required performance level in their final assessment can be issued with an APS MCC certificate.

VA’s new APS MCC courses will take place every fortnight at the company’s Cambridge Airport Flight Training Centre using its latest B737-800 simulator, which entered service in January 2018. The company announced plans for expansion in November 2017.