The SimJet Group opened a Flight Simulator and Recruitment Centre at Brisbane Airport with the installation of a Multi Pilot Simulations’ (MPS) Boeing 737-800 FTD1. The company joined the Australian Pilot Training Alliance (APTA) to offer advanced flight training capability and recruitment pathways into airlines under Part 142.

Courses such as Jet Orientation, Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC), Instructor Training, Airline Preparation and simulator dry-hire to the industry will be the focus of the business - using the high-fidelity, Full Flight – Zero Motion MPS device. The center will also provide an extra B737NG - with plans for the B737MAX – high-fidelity simulator capacity in Australia to assist the Australasian region address the pilot skills and instructor shortage.

Other features of the Training & Recruitment Centre will be access to new technology – Virtual Reality training systems and flight-screening tools such as pilot aptitude testing and behavioral profiling software.

The company says its MPS Full Flight – Zero motion device is well known in Europe with airlines and ATO’s, providing MCC and supporting Full Flight Simulators in the type rating elements. SimJet will be offering Airlines and ATO’s in Australia access to the device for the B737NG and as needed, and plans to add other MPS FTDs to the centre.