Arsenal Medical has developed a foam system, called ResQFoam™, is designed to control acute hemorrhage. The way ResQFoam works is by injecting two liquid polymers, which together combine to create a foam. This foam quickly expands though actively flowing blood to compresses the injury and control bleeding. Upon undergoing surgery, the material is removed by the surgeon.

The foam itself does not repair the wound, rather the injury is stabilized and buys the patient more time as they make their way into the operating room, or to surgical care. Once injected to the injured abdomen, the foam expands rapidly and will grow to almost 35 times the original volume.

One of the leading cause of fatalities in the battlefield is said to be cause by bleeding to death. Reaching a surgeon in time before war victims bleeds is oftentimes impossible. Nonetheless, finding a solution to prolong the time before bleeding out would be essential for the military.

In 2015 the project was transitioned to the U.S Army. And Early this year, Arsenal Medical’s ResQFoam was approved by the the U.S Food and Drug Administration. They received an Investigational Device Exemption and the clinical trial process is set to begin next year.

To find out more about ResQFoam and Arsenal Medica, feel free to visit the Arsenal Medical website.