Hill-Rom, a globally recognized medical technology company, has announced the launch of their newest medical-surgical bed solution, the Hill-Rom® Centrella™ Smart+ bed, dedicated for hospitals which will be available in the U.S and Canada in November. The Centrella Smart+ bed has been designed to allow patient safety and patient satisfaction improvements. The bed is also equipped with the latest technology, focusing on the needs of the caregiver.

"We are excited to introduce our new med-surg solution, Centrella Smart+ bed, which is revolutionizing the standard of care," said Paul S. Johnson, president, Hill-Rom Patient Support Systems in an article from Business Insider. "We have engineered the new bed system to help reduce patient falls and pressure injuries, which are significant patient safety concerns. In addition, we are introducing new features to elevate the patient experience and provide caregivers with an unprecedented level of information that enhances patient care."

In order to deliver targeted results, Hill-Rom is equipping their latest device with advanced technologies which include new patient experience-oriented features and patient safety applications. The bed's scalable platform will allow customers the option of either upgrading their system or add any additional features. The Centrella Smart+ bed will also include an integration with Hill-Rom's NaviCare® Patient Safety System application and advanced verbal and visual notifications, features included enhancing the experience for both patients and the caregiver.

The Hill-Rom® NaviCare® Patient Safety System is designed with the latest technology, services, clinical programs and clinical expertise in order to reduce the risk of falls. The NaviCare system will in integrated on the Hill-Rom's Smart+ bed to automatically activate safety settings and alert caregivers if and when the bed is in an unsafe state.

The bed system will also be equipped with new surfaces that will offer advanced therapy and allow patients to adjust comfort levels without compromising noise levels. Additionally, convenience features such as USB ports and storage components for mobile devices will be readily available to make it safer and easier for patients to reach.

"We have invested significantly – through immersion with customers and research with clinicians to understand their biggest needs – to deliver a full solution that helps solve some of the most persistent and complex patient safety challenges," Johnson added. "Our new med-surg solution – anchored by the Centrella Smart+ bed – delivers extraordinary value through its ability to notify caregivers of potential "never events" before they occur."

Source: Business Insider