Studica Limited Canada, a retailer for academic software and technology products, expansion of its learning solutions for secondary and post-secondary healthcare programs. The expansion features simulators and models for teaching key nursing skills, including catheterization, wound care and injection administration.

The training tools are paired with curriculum that focuses on specific procedures and activities to help instructors engage students with opportunities for targeted skill development and career exploration, according to Ana Gonzalez, Studica's Business Development Manager.

Many of these tools, developed by Studica partner Realityworks®, Inc, include one-of-a-kind features to help instructors be more efficient, such as the FAST-fluid™ management system that manages fluids in Studica's medical training arms, and the FAST-derm™ replacement skin that improves the process of replacing training arm skin.

New healthcare training tools include ools for addressing anatomy and physiology, injection training, skin condition and wound care and basic patient care and:

  • The Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit that lets students experience sorting multiple prescriptions while encumbered by visual and tactile impairments.
  • The Hemiplegia Simulator that lets students complete daily tasks while suffering from paralysis on one side of the body.
  • The Blood Pressure Simulator that lets students practice taking blood pressure on manikins or their peers using randomly generated, real-life scenarios.
  • Catheterization Trainers that feature lifelike genitalia.