Conference-goers at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) will have the opportunity to experience live group medical simulations combining SynDaver’s Synthetic Human, immersion table and a smart board collaboration system. This bundled solution will be offered as part of an exclusive IMSH show promotion.

The SynDaver Synthetic Human, first appearing on ABC’s show Shark Tank, has since become a simulation tool for hyper-realistic medical training in educational institutions, hospitals and military installations around the world.

“At SynDaver, we specialize in creating products that aid in the suspension of disbelief to help students learn in the most lifelike and realistic ways possible, even when training is being conducted in large groups,” said Christopher Sakezles, founder of SynDaver.

Conference attendees interested in learning more about SynDaver’s latest products can visit booth 938 throughout the conference and are invited to experience live product demonstrations that will run approximately every 30 minutes throughout the three-day expo.