Continuing with TWME8’s strategy of supporting simulation professionals in the development of and collaboration on high-quality scenarios, regardless of the manikin technologies they utilise, the company has been working in collaboration with CAE Healthcare.

TWME8's iRIS users can export the scenarios they have developed to be opened and run on CAE Healthcare’s Maestro software. For those using CAE Maestro with the latest technologies from CAE Healthcare such as CAE Ares, CAE Juno and CAE Luna, this development removes the need for simulation technologists to pre-program Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) from scratch using scenario documentation. With iRIS, the scenario written by authors can be loaded as an SCE, reducing the time needed to set up a simulation and ensuring scenario state data is completely accurate.

Conference attendees can visit the CAE Healthcare stand at IMSH 2019 to see how iRIS can help users develop and collaborate on high quality scenarios and export those scenarios to CAE Healthcare’s Maestro software.