Following the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit, Joe Kiani, the founder and chairman of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, continues to encourage more individuals to plan for zero preventative deaths in hospitals by implementing all of its Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). It identifies more than 30 updated solutions and 18 challenges to help overcome some of the leading patient safety challenges facing hospitals today. In the executive summary sections, individuals can mark the boxes green for methods the hospital is currently implementing and yellow and red for areas that need to be improved in order to come up with a mitigation strategy.

When reflecting on the summit, Kiani said: “Everyone I spoke with at the summit said they were ready to implement all of the APSS! Parrish Medical Center, University of California Irvine Health, Children Hospital of Orange County and Hospital Español have implemented all of the APSS. Ask them; it is possible. They are the first to achieve Patient Safety Movement’s 5-Star hospital rating by implementing all of the APSS. I hope we can celebrate all of you implementing all of the APSS at our next Summit.”

Sessions from the summit are now available: