The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 10,354,559 for SynDaver’s cricothyroidotomy (Cric) and nasogastric (NG) tube simulation device.

The patent covers the design and manufacturing of SynDaver’s Adult Cric Trainer, which is a realistic surgical and procedural training platform for cricothyrotomy. The device is a multi-use airway trainer that can be used for Cric, NG and retrograde intubation procedures. It features SynDaver’s proprietary synthetic tissues, called SynTissue, and includes replaceable components that offer an affordable platform for reuse across a variety of procedures.

 “We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our technology and deliver medical simulation devices that exceed the expectations of students and educators. Being awarded our 14th patent is yet another huge step and further confirmation that we are innovators in the industry,” said Dr. Christopher Sakezles, SynDaver founder and CEO. “With devices like our Cric Trainer, students are able to hone their skills on an anatomically correct device, with the same tactile experience they would have performing the procedure on a live patient. This experience and the confidence they gain is invaluable as they move forward in their medical career.”

SynDaver’s Adult Cric Trainer is a head and neck phantom that contains a high-fidelity oral cavity and nasal passages, each connected to lower airway components concealed beneath a replaceable skin overlay. During a procedure, students experience anatomical features like the hyoid, thyroid, cartilage and cricoid ligament, helping familiarize them with haptic feedback that is consistent with a real human.

The trainer can be implemented in coursework for a variety of medical professions, including emergency medical technicians, flight nurses, combat medics, ICU nurses and nurse practitioners.