Quantum3D, Inc. has been selected to provide image generation technology as part of the first flight simulator being delivered to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in support of its new T-625 helicopter design. The simulator will feature Quantum3D's Independence® IDX 8000 Series image generator (IG), which is Quantum3D's most powerful IG solution featuring its MANTIS® scene generation software on a robust PC-based hardware platform.

Initially named "Ozgun"  (Turkish for "original" or "indigenous"), the T-625 is part of a program initiated in 2014 to replace the Turkish Armed Forces' aging fleet of Bell Helicopter UH-1H Hueys. This simulator is to support the first prototype airframe, currently under development, with volume production anticipated to begin in late 2018. The entire visual system (including displays) for the simulator is being integrated under a contract with HAVELSAN.

Quantum3D's new IDX 8000 image generator uses the latest visual computing technology, including Intel's Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA's Quadro P-series GPUs for the best performance, maximum reliability, and the highest levels of scene quality and realism available today. When packaged with Quantum3D's GeoScapeSE® worldwide database, IDX 8000 provides an out-of-the-box solution that's ready to fly to thousands of airports, cities and other destinations around the globe.