“TSIS, the Training & Simulation Industry Symposium 2017, focused on US expenditure for simulation and training programs in the coming year, kicked off this morning in fine style. Opening the event NTSA chief RADM Jim Robb (Ret.) commented on the record attendance and thanked the defense leadership for its commitment to the conference while looking forward to a ‘terrific’ IITSEC 2017 built around developing communities of interest in Big Data & Analysis plus AI - Artificial Intelligence with significant demos based around both on the event show floor.

RADM Michael C. Manazir Deputy CNO for Warfare Systems, keynoting, commented on the connectivity and value of the central Florida S&T community of defense, industry and academic personnel as being second perhaps only to Silicon Valley. A nice, well deserved, compliment to the ‘high tech corridor’ and Orlando community.

As a backdrop to a call for more rapid, more cost-effective procurement and more rapid deployment of new learning technologies, Manazir outlined the expected spending gap between the US and regional powers over the next years in key areas of the world, highlighting the Indo-Pacific region whose seas carry a significant percentage of world trade, in this case a gap of 31%.

The Navy, Marines and Air Force outlined their immediate plans today with the Army leading tomorrow’s meeting”.