Diamond Visionics released GenesisRTX version 10.5.2 that includes technology upgrades and feature enhancements to its high-fidelity and higher quality visuals. GenesisRTX 10.5.2 includes Zero Latency Entity Tracking in the Out-The-Window mode or the Non-ITAR GenesisSN EO/IR/NVG among the feature updates.

  • New Tracking Features such as:
  • CIGI Sensor Control - Track Mode 5
  • CIGI Sensor Response
  • CIGI Sensor Extended Response
  • CIGI Position Request - View
  • CIGI Position Response - View
  • Automatic LOS testing via Component Control
  • Automatic Gate rendering via Component Control
  • Dynamically Adjustable tracking frustum via Component Control
  • Automatic View look-at entity via Component Control
  • Automatic Entity look-at offset via Component Control
Normally the host implements entity tracking by querying the IG for the entities position and then sending a message to orient the camera toward the entity or render the tracking gate as an overlay. This cycle introduces latency, so the GenesisRTX eliminates that process by doing it automatically without the host controlling where the camera looks or gate is rendered. In addition, typical tracking uses expensive image analysis to recognize the target and determine the position on the screen. Diamond Visionics says this new application efficiently and accurately calculates the position from known information for an efficient solution.

“The GenesisRTX engine now has visibility checks built in where the tracking takes into account whether the entity is visible and can detect occlusion by any object in the scene including 2D and volumetric clouds which are necessary for the improved training troops demand today,” according to Dan Peters, Diamond Visionics Sales Manager.