Halldale Group, publishers of Military Simulation & Training (MS&T) magazine, the leading simulation & training publication of the global defense industry for more than 30 years, announced its 2017 list of International Simulation and Training Industry Awards winners and finalists, which include:

2017 MST Industry Awards Final Ribbon Winners List

Innovation: 12 total Applied Research Associates/Virtual Heroes Division Aptima Inc. Bagira Systems Barco Simulation Bihrle Applied Research, Inc. Bohemia Interactive Simulations Britannica Knowledge Systems Calytrix Technologies, Inc. Elbit Systems MASA Group Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH Rockwell Collins

Up and Coming: 3 total Agility3 Modeling and Simulation CM Labs Simulations Presagis

Best Programs: 7 total Alion Science & Technology CAE Cubic Global Defense DiSTI Corporation Hatsoff Helicopter Training PVT LTD Lockheed Martin Saab Defense & Security

Top International: 4 total L3 Link Simulation & Training Leonardo Helicopters Project: Syntropy Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH

The MS&T Industry Simulation & Training Awards is an annual awards program recognizing individual companies within the global defense industry for consistently providing technologies, services and solutions that best prepare military forces to achieve their mission. The products and services of these companies help military personnel in air, land and sea environments to prepare for deployment via Live, Virtual and Constructive training environments, and to ensure survivability and maintain tactical and strategic superiority.

MS&T staff sent applications to more than 550 companies requesting a thorough briefing of their products, services and programs. Using primarily the submitted information, plus their own knowledge of the industry and its programs, MS&T’s international editorial team - most of whom are long-term S&T specialists - convened to select potential awardees and evaluate the various categories before compiling the final selections.

“Recognizing the role of the Simulation & Training industry in helping to ensure our defense and security is long overdue,” said Halldale President Andy Smith. “This industry can boast of enormously talented people and companies that take seriously their responsibilities to the warfighter. Halldale is proud to shine a spotlight on these companies and eventually the individuals who make up those companies.”

The Simulation & Training awards will continue to evolve with new awards classifications and new resources to assess, judge and recommend the star global players. The initiative follows on from MS&T’s sister publication – The Journal for Civil Aviation Training – which recently focused on individual civil S&T achievement, with three iconic individuals recognized at the annual World Aviation Training Symposium (WATS) event in Orlando in May of 2017.

More information on the MS&T 2017 ribbon winning companies and finalists can be found in the September issue of Military Simulation & Training magazine and at http://www.awards.mstmagazine.com.