CSRA was awarded a $51 million Training Systems Contract III by the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) for a simulator utilizing the company's VirtualShip platform.

“We are absolutely committed to delivering the tools the Navy needs to hone the ship handling skills of Surface Warriors, making their vital operations at sea safer and more effective,” said Nick Trzcinski, CSRA’s Vice President for Navy & USMC.

This 3.5-year contract is for the development and delivery of an integrated tactical trainer (ITT) for the Littoral Combat Ship 6, which will be installed at the Littoral Combat Training Facility in San Diego, California.

“CSRA’s VirtualShip platform is an ideal solution to help the Navy train its bridge teams for operations at sea,” said Trzcinski.

VirtualShip is a simulation training platform that offers high-fidelity hydrodynamics, maritime environmental modeling, and interface to integrate with external systems and simulations. The platform is currently used by the US Navy, US Coast Guard, UK Royal Navy and other.

“From our rotary wing trainers supporting the U.S. Army to this latest VirtualShip instance with the U.S. Navy, CSRA is providing the tools the DoD needs to train the warriors of today and tomorrow,” said Ken Deutsch, CSRA’s Executive Vice President for Defense.

It can model over 300 ship types and over 100 geographic areas, and can be adapted to train both individuals and full-bridge teams in an immersive training environment.