After four years of training command staff through COMBATER, a MASA SWORD powered simulation system, the Brazilian Army renewed its software maintenance contract with MASA. The army is also extending the deployment of licenses it is using to improve its simulation training offering for its officers.

The Brazilian Army first selected the program in 2013 after seeking a commercial system it could adapt quickly as operational requirements and soldier equipment changed.

Since, the army used it to train command staff from brigade to division level in warfare, public safety and peacekeeping scenarios. With SWORD, training time for operators of the system has decreased, as has the likelihood of operators making mistakes through the system.

“AI technology is constantly progressing, and the level of accuracy and authenticity improves the more we work with them. I hope the next few years will be just as constructive,” said Marci Blasich, MASA do Brasil manager.

Moving forward, the Brazilian Army is considering new methods of training through SWORD, working directly with MASA. Earlier in 2017, MASA launched MASA do Brasil, a Brazilian subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro, to ensure it could provide immediate support to the Army and its civil defense customers.

This contract has been agreed on an annual basis for the next five years.